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Command line Options

List of all command line arguments supported by the bundler.

OptionTypeDescriptionDefault Value
--httpApistringrpc method name spacesweb3,eth
--networkstringeth client urlhttp://localhost:8545
entryPointnumbersupported entry point address0x5FF137D4b0FDCD49DcA30c7CF57E578a026d2789
--minBalancenumbermin ETH balance for signer account1
--maxBundleGasnumbermax gas the bundler will use in transactions5000000
--autobooleanautomatic bundlingfalse
--autoBundleIntervalnumberauto bundler interval in (ms)120000
--bundleSizenumbermaximum # of pending mempool entities10
--portnumberserver listening port3000
--minUnstakeDelaynumbertime paymaster has to wait to unlock the stake(seconds)0
--minStakenumberminimum stake a entity has to have to pass reputation system(When staked, an entity is also allowed to use its own associated storage, in addition to senders associated storage as ETH)1
--txModestringbundler transaction mode (base, conditional, searcher)base
--unsafebooleanUNSAFE mode: no storage or opcode checks (safe mode requires debug_traceCall support on eth node. Only base and conditional txMode are supported in safe mode)false
--p2pbooleanp2p mode enabledfalse