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Bundling modes

Transeptor offers a wide range of bundling modes to fit your needs. Use --txMode to send the bundling mode when starting the bundler.

  1. Mempool support: Determines the visibility of the UserOperations.
  2. EVM network: The networks that the Bundler supports.
  3. Block building strategy: The strategy the Bundler uses to send bundled UseOperations.
  4. Front-running protection: Does the strategy to send bundles to protect the UseOperations from front-running
--txModeMempool supportEVM NetworksBlock building strategyFront-running protection
basePrivate mempool of UserOperationAll EVM clientsUses eth_sendRawTransaction RPCno
**searcherp2p public mempool or private mempoolEthereum and GoerliUses Flashbots to send bundled UserOperations to block buildersyes
conditionalp2p public mempool or private mempoolEVM clients that support conditional transactionsUses eth_sendRawTransactionConditional RPCyes

**active development

Note that p2p is not fully supported and is in active development; all modes will default using a private mempool.