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Support ERC-4337 by running a bundler node

Bundlers are crucial components of the ERC-4337. Increase Bundler diversity by running our open source ERC-4337 Bundler Transeptor. Transeptor is a modular Typescript ERC-4337 Bundler, designed with a strong emphasis on performance. It offers a wide range of bundling mode to to fit your needs.

Integrate your dapp with the ERC-4337 Relayer Snap

Your dapp can user ERC-4337 relayer snap to support ERC-4337 protocol. Allow your user sign user operations and send user operations to bundlers.

Fundamentals of ERC-4337

Explore the core principles, features, and benefits of ERC-4337 as our expert guide takes you through the fundamentals. Whether you're a developer, blockchain enthusiast, or simply curious about token standards, this is an excellent resource to expand your knowledge.